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Thread: BIOS settings changed no system POST

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    OMFG BIOS settings changed no system POST

    I’ve changed the BIOS setting – as follows
    CPU FSB setting – from Default to “Max FSB” it was written that system will automatically detect the maximum FSB for the current settings and it will take max 90 second.
    Now I’m waiting and waiting but system is not booting I mean there is no POST at all.
    How can I reset the BIOS settings to default?

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    Re: BIOS settings changed no system POST

    Reset cmos with the jumper on the motherboard. there should be instructions in the motherboard manual explaining where the jumper is and how to clear the cmos.

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    Re: BIOS settings changed no system POST

    yeh.. there is a button "Clr CMOS" in my Mobo. I cleared working......

    Thanks pal.

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