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Thread: Need help:XFX 780i unstable at stock settings

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    Need help:XFX 780i unstable at stock settings

    My computer specifications are:
    XFX 780i
    Crucial 2GB Ballistix Kit and 4GB kit
    4 RPM 150GB HDs in RAID5
    1 RPM 74GB HD
    1 Sata DVD R/W
    PC Power
    3 LCD Monitors
    1500VA UPS on Tower
    Problem is that I can not overclock and become stable. I even can not run things at stock and still be stable.If I overclock I obtain stability for 5 minutes and 3 hours on Prime95, if I don't overclock I obtain stability for about 5 minutes and 2 hours.When I had overclocked I get a bluescreen and I have to shutdown the computer and when I'm not overclocked, the system restarts and I obtain a CMOS checksum error and the CMOS clears on its own. Any ideas to get rid of this trouble?

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    Re: Need help:XFX 780i unstable at stock settings

    I would suggest you top try the following setting:
    Frequency Setting
    CPU Multiplier : x8
    PCIe x16_3, MHz : 110
    SSP<->MCP Ref Clock, MHZ : 220

    HT Multiplier
    nforce SPP : nForce MCP 4 x
    nforce SPP : nForce MCP 4 x

    Spread Spectrun Setting
    CPU Spread Spectrun : Disabled
    HT Spread Spectrun : Disabled
    PCIe Spread Spectrun(MCP) : Disabled
    SATA Spread Spectrun : Disabled

    Memory Timing Setting
    Memory Timing Setting : Expert
    tCL (CAS Latency) : 4
    tRCD : 3
    tRO : 3
    tRAS : 8

    CPU voltage:
    CPU Core : 1.60000
    CPU FSB : Auto
    Memory : 2.200v
    nForce SPP : Auto
    nForce MCP : Auto

    RAID Enabled
    SATA 1 RAID - Enabled
    SATA 2 RAID - Enabled
    SATA 3 RAID - Enabled
    SATA 4 RAID - Enabled
    SATA 5 RAID - Disabled
    SATA 6 RAID - Disabled

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    Re: Need help:XFX 780i unstable at stock settings

    I will suggest you that In the BIOS either Reset Configuration Data or Load Optimized Defaults. Alter just those settings / Enable just those devices enormously essential to boot into Windows, and don't change any voltages or RAM timings. Make use of Core Temp to read the VID of your chip and once more fill out the BIOS template.If you haven't previously, take away totally the 2x1GB sticks of RAM from DIMM's 3 and install the 2x2GB sticks in slots 1 and 3 in spite of whether Memtest passed before or not. And I suppose you've previously installed the newest nForce v9.64 driverset for Vista x64.

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    Re: Need help:XFX 780i unstable at stock settings

    Previous to adding up all the extras and then trying to overclock you be supposed to be running through minimum hardware, cpu, memory, gpu, and HDD that’s it. After this put in the extras and the instability will be to a large extent easy to identify. Through temp being 50c approximately in bios there’s just so a lot you’re going to do boot

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    Re: Need help:XFX 780i unstable at stock settings

    I too had the same issue with it and I thought to inform you that I clocked the whole thing back to stock. I disabled all power saving and overclocking features. I had currently run 15 hours stable without error with Prime 95 and had no trouble. I will run more tests and narrow down the trouble as a result that if anybody as well runs across this problem then confidently I may be able to have a resolution for them.

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    Re: Need help:XFX 780i unstable at stock settings

    My situation to this is given below. I have the latest x-fi driver installed, and have tried it with no card or driver installed by means of no result. If I remove the SLI bridge caused it to freeze on a blank screen about 15 seconds after launching 3dmark. Setting RAM to 667MHz does not make any difference.
    I has also tried disabling Aero in windows, and it worked fine in SLI for hours But when I re-enabled the Aero it again become unstable. I'm hopeful that there's a means to determine the trouble with Aero turned on, as standard mode appears to be for the most part dreadful with SLI when moving windows around. I do not know whether it is an problem for XFX, nVidia, or Microsoft.

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