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Thread: some problem to upgrade CPU? need some help

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    some problem to upgrade CPU? need some help

    I am not so much aware of computer but as per new generation I want to change my computer or I can say that I want to upgrade some part of my machine. So I just wanna know that can I upgrade my PENTIUM IV 3.0GHz with any other processor? I want a processor which much more compatible with my Oldest 775 main board, hard drive of Sam-sung 500GB SATA, RAM of 2GB I tried to install QUAD 9650 but the problem is that my computer not booting up at all. I try this you know why I already bought this processor. If this processor is not able to work with my motherboard, anyone please tell me that what should I do? I am so confused so if you have any idea about any processor which is suitable to my main board?

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    Re: some problem to upgrade CPU? need some help

    Booting problem will happen due to your processor. This combination is matching with your computer specification Bcoz this processor has some limitation. Suppose you want to use QUAD 9650 processor you must change your RAM and your Mother-board. You can replace your mother board with
    GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Bcoz the processor QUAD 9650 will work with this mother board. Your RAM may not compatible with processor so you can change your RAM also. If you try to fit this processor on your board, you might get lose your board and processor due to mismatching hardware. Buy new board and memory you will satisfy with your processor.

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    Re: some problem to upgrade CPU? need some help

    you what that your computer specification is not enough for this processor. I personally recommended you to buy new RAM and a new board that support both RAM and processor. You can refer this Gigabyte H55N-USB3 LGA 1156 Mini ITX Motherboard which fully supports your QUAD core processor. Another thing is that your old mother board wonít have BIOS flash for this processor. This mini board includes USB 3.0 port and support QUAD core processor and high rated DDR3 RAM. It usage same chip set and some extra feature. So go with this board donít worry this will solve your problem.

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    Re: some problem to upgrade CPU? need some help

    Your old 775 socket mother board doesnít have a chip-set to flash this Is the only reason that your board wonít boot when you try with QUAD processor. However you can go for GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L which has ability to work with this QUAD processor and work awesome with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. This main board has smart PCB design; rich set for connection; feature and function are easy to understand. Other best thing about this board is that it has quick processor over clocking procedure. After buying this motherboard you might get happy.

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    Re: some problem to upgrade CPU? need some help

    your board will not allow you to attach this high QUAD core processor Bcoz the compatibility is not matching with your old board. To resolve this problem you should buy new MSI G31TM-P21LGA 775 mother board. This micro ATX mother board is based on G31 and ICH& chip-set which has technology that it compatible with QUAD 9650 processor. About 1600 MHz speeds can be achieve through over-clocking. You can install PCI Express x16 graphic card to take certain load. It has 8 USB 2.0 port to connect all your peripherals. This all feature will satisfy your need.

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