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Thread: Intel mobile 945GM Express chipset and graphics glitch

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    Intel mobile 945GM Express chipset and graphics glitch

    I am running Windows XP which I have recently downgraded from Windows Vista. I have installed it from my backup disk and everything went normal. I didn't had any problem while working on Office application or listening music. The problem first occurred when I tried to start some games. I noticed some glitches in the graphics during the game play. I tried to figure out things but didn't found the actual cause of the problem. It didn't appeared when I was running Windows Vista or even when I was on Windows XP itself before few months back. I then tried to see if there are any drivers that are clashing with my onboard graphics but didn't found anything unusual. What is the problem with my graphics suddenly and how can I solve this problem? Is there any solution to this graphics glitch? My system specs include Intel mobile 945GM Express chipset, 2 GB ram, no video card, 160 GB hard disk. This is a laptop.

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    Re: Intel mobile 945GM Express chipset and graphics glitch

    You didn't mentioned any thing about your graphics glitch in detail. Could you tell us what exactly you are getting and what you think you should get? Do you see some pixelation on the graphics or is it like nothing appears or have some parts of the graphics missing? And yes this could be because of the drivers if you have not installed. Every graphics chipset, whether onboard or if it is standalone, you have to install the drivers to be compatible with Windows XP. Make sure you have the latest one installed because there is always some new thing introduced in the latest software including support for new thing, bug fixes etc.

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    Re: Intel mobile 945GM Express chipset and graphics glitch

    I had noticed the same graphical problem with Intel chipset on my laptop. I suppose its because of the drivers which you are running. Once more thing which I would like is how did you downgraded to Windows XP? Was is clean uninstall of Windows Vista and then the installation of Windows XP or was it something else (overwritten Windows XP content on the drive in which Windows Vista was installed)? If the later part is true then you should have format the drive completely and then installed the operating system and hence the drivers for Windows XP once again. This prevents any conflicts between the drivers. If this is not possible now then unroll the current drivers and then reinstall the drivers, especially graphics drivers, once again. Also check with the settings or any kind of modification that you need to do on the site of the game developer. This can also help you some how.

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    Re: Intel mobile 945GM Express chipset and graphics glitch

    I think the graphics glitch that you are talking about is just appearing in the texture. I don't think that is actually the glitch because if you have heavy graphics in your games then that will indeed take some time to load as you are using onboard graphics. This wouldn't have created you the problem if you had a graphics card installed on your laptop. Moreover, the laptop onboard graphics card is not at all powerful to bear such kind of high usage. It is designed for office use only. Does it appear to you all the time or only at certain points? What is the quality of the texture at that point? Is it too much heavy or just simple one? This do matter when you are utilizing your onboard graphics card.

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    Re: Intel mobile 945GM Express chipset and graphics glitch

    I am not sure about what is appearing to you but I think the problem is occurring due to graphics settings. I too was noticing the graphics problem while playing call of duty 4, far cry 2, fifa 11 etc but this doesn't appear when I play Age of Empire 2, far cry 1 or most of the other games. I sometimes thought that its because of the driver but even after updating it to the latest one nothing changed at all. However, this problem always disappeared if I change the resolution, turn anti aliasing on and off, etc.

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