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Thread: Intel DX58SO over night boot issue

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    Intel DX58SO over night boot issue

    I am having an Intel DX58SO motherboard on my desktop computer system and i was running windows os on this machine. But when i tried to boot my system next day then motherboard showed lights and fan started running but there was nothing on screen. Suddenly my system gets rebooted and got an error "The system has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s). Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS Performance options or recent hardware changes." and press Y or N for bios. I pressed Y and reset BIOS and changes XMP to 1. Again on next my system showed me same issue. Why it is not remembering the settings?

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    Re: Intel DX58SO over night boot issue

    The BIOS (B asic I nput / O utput S ystem) is a small store that is located on the motherboard and the system parameters define the data. This may, however, errors (bugs) include. With the advent of new equipment, BIOS manufacturers can also decide to update their BIOS. This is not as easy as it looks, as you may know, is the BIOS, a memory which is retained when you turn off the PC (it would indeed be uncomfortable with the BIOS every time the computer must be configured very). Sun BIOS have the last few years developed to be able to be updated.

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    Re: Intel DX58SO over night boot issue

    Before his reflashing the BIOS, it is very important benefits of this operation to investigate. Flashing the BIOS update allows for various reasons (correcting bugs and add new functionality, carrying new equipment), but are not necessarily affect all users of the development. What is more, it is not ruled out that the new BIOS itself brings new bugs with it.
    Thus, one should ask themselves whether the improvements that can bring the flash (in a new BIOS file accompanying described mostly) are worth to flash the BIOS of the associated risks.

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    Re: Intel DX58SO over night boot issue

    If you dont know how to recognize the BIOS file. The actual BIOS file is usually the ending, but I am generally it can end at will, for example on the code of the BIOS-type (ami, awd, etc...) . Another feature is its size: a 1-Mbit BIOS is 128 kbytes (131,072 bytes), 2-Mbit versions of course, 256 kbytes (262,144 bytes). There are no other sizes are not practical. the file should be larger or smaller than these values, ask in any case, the manufacturer of the motherboard, if the is quite correct. The actual flash process takes a few seconds. You should then restart your PC from scratch (preferably by reset switch). Check all settings in the (new) BIOS setup. Sometimes the previous settings will be overwritten.

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    Re: Intel DX58SO over night boot issue

    This is very simple you just need to create a Windows boot disk (workplace -> Floppy Drive -> right click -> Formatting create (below) Startup disk). Then download the latest BIOS file to the floppy disk copy. Restart diskette F11 boot order on A: change (is easier than in the BIOS switch) to open the BIOS file (thread at the link in the previous the top file) with Adsfi715.exe and he should make everything by themselves in the end it Beeps my 4 times then you have to reboot go into bios set everything store ready.

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