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Thread: Intel DX58SO Bios update

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    Nuronex Guest

    Intel DX58SO Bios update

    I use Intel DX58SO motherboard and is in need of update. I do not know what could have been the issue. Please help me out. I need the update for the same as it is not functioning properly. Where could i get the update. It will be helpful if you can make the desired change for me to get sort of the same. Please help.

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    Re: Intel DX58SO Bios update

    It depends on what type of update you are currently working on. This will be better for you to get sort of the change. So check well and make the process for the same that is required. The desired update will suggest and help you out to get process for the thing. Basically you can go for update 5456 and then function which will be helpful.

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    Nuronex Guest

    Re: Intel DX58SO Bios update

    I am working with BIOS Update [SOX5810J.86A] version 5200 and would like to go to the 5456 update. The thing that I want to know is it necessary to apply the “BIOS Update [SOX5810J.86A] version 5390 and 5417” before the “version 5456”? I hope this may let the clear picture scenario of the same that will let me to get to a proper conclusion.

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    Re: Intel DX58SO Bios update

    There is no need to make get the version 5390 and 5417 and then follow out the installation. It will be better that you make the check well for the process that is needed. You can directly make the installation of the update. Check well for the same and then make the implementation. Am sure you will then get to a better conclusion that is required. So check out.

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    Re: Intel DX58SO Bios update

    You can directly install the new update and there 9is no need to go through a procedural steps. I hope you may then be able to get sort of the thing and work well which will be better. So in order to get the issue to be processed and then work well it is needed that you perform or check out w hat is required. I hope the direct installation of the applied change.

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