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Thread: my computer doesn't boot properly

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    my computer doesn't boot properly


    In the last days I'm having many troubles booting my computer.
    here's my computer:

    Motherboard Name Abit AN8 / Fatal1ty AN8 Series
    CPU Type AMD Athlon 64, 1800 MHz (9 x 200) 3000+
    memory Kingston K 512MB
    HD Hitachi deskstar 80GB

    it's very important to mention that i haven't performed any change recently.

    when i turn on the computer, it seems to be working but there's no response on the screen. when everything works properly, the motherboard produces a beep sound, in this case there's no such a sound. i don't know what does it mean.

    in this case, i can only boot my computer after removing and reattach basic componnents like memory, HD, and the cmos battery.

    my computer also works very slowly, so i guess it's a symptom of the problem.

    any attempt to help will be highly appreciated!


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    re: my computer doesn't boot properly

    It seems that there are lots of problem residing in your motherboard. Mostly when there's no response on the screen, and simultaneously the motherboard produces a beep sound, then there should be definitely RAM issues. So try to change the RAM (or atleast clean it) that may solve your problem. Otherwise the second option is to troubleshoot each and every component. You will have to try checking motherboard, RAM and SMPS on other system. Doing this will let you know the exact problem.

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    Re: my computer doesn't boot properly

    hey Christina

    the motherboard produces a beep sound for 0.1 second while booting when everything works properly. it was allways like this.

    i haven't got any other system, or any other components to replace in order to check the normality of the replaced component.

    are there any softwares which could test the normality of each component or at least some of them?

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