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Thread: Windows 7 takes up half of 8GB ram

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    Windows 7 takes up half of 8GB ram

    I attached the 8GB of memory installed (GA-P55M-UD4 and Xeon X3440) within my system but according to the System information, it states that only 4GB is now unusable for the execution of other application , and when I move to the resmon, it is displaying that 4GB is "Hardware Reserved". I am not running with any special configurations, but assumes as too much is lost at some location or another processes . Any suggestion would be helpful for me !

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    Re: Windows 7 takes up half of 8GB ram

    This can be the issue of some viruses and malware running in your system and you have to remove them out from the system and commonly in this case there are some infected objects are responsible and you need to heal them from the system. You need to check out the status . If you are just considering that the Msseces.exe or MsMpEng.exe process are getting executed into your system, then you need to come up at the absolute place.

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    Re: Windows 7 takes up half of 8GB ram

    Msseces.exe is the front-end GUI of MSE(Microsoft Security Essentials). If you are running with the installation of recently released antivirus from the Microsoft then this process will continue the execution of graphical interface.

    In case, if you kill this one process, MSE(Microsoft Security Essentials) will continuously execution in the Windows background and will not actually turned off from the task list . The downside would be that this will not be capable to alert you of some other threat.

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    Re: Windows 7 takes up half of 8GB ram

    The configuration of default defender is disabled automatically at the time of installation of security essentials for your current situation . The Defender process is one of the part of MS security essentials and getting unable to be disabled. You are able to make this disable the service, but then what is the point of running with the antivirus, in case if you are moving to make it disable .......

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    question Re: Windows 7 takes up half of 8GB ram

    Is this a 32bit version or a 64bit???
    If 32 it will only address 4GB
    64bit is a different story.
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