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Thread: XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

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    XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

    The X38 is not going to yield several developments in system presentation when coupled by means of DDR2 RAMs. Consequently, P35 be supposed to remain the preferred over clocking platform for those wishing to stick by means of DDR2 modules. Make a note of that board determine to in addition support the innovative 45nm quad-core Peryn CPUs. Beneath is a rapid summary of my overclock settings: Having RAID is pleasant, additional than you are not going to notice an enormous performance pop by means of normal activities. There's in addition a higher risk of data corruption by means of the speed boost. Which is superior among XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E.

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    Re: XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

    The XFX are a brand well recognized throughout the system enthusiast realm for making attractive overwhelming graphics cards based on nVidia's GPU's. By means of such a high reputation comes aspiration and XFX are at present stepping into the field of motherboards. The obvious alternative for XFX is to go by means of nVidia's chipset technology, and this is what they have comprise completed. Today we have comprise the XFX nForce 650i Ultra Motherboard. Bearing in mind that the 650i Ultra is a non-SLI version or description of the 680LI board, by means of less characteristics for a cheaper price be able to XFX make their contribution stand out in a crowded market.

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    Re: XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

    Most of the "XFX are well recognized for producing high-quality, high-speed graphics cards. At present they are stepping it up and getting into most important boards. I take a give the impression of being at the 650i Ultra and observe if they do as superior a job" Thats attractive cool, I went for evga 680i even though, by the method your connection to the forums on the review is dead. When you review substance do you immediately get given it to test. I locate it strange that people are talking regarding mobo's (or hardware in general) when they mention 'color schemes' etc.

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    Re: XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

    It is a corporation that is well recognized to the gaming community as they create a number of of the most extreme graphic products approximately. As a corporation they operate on the following corporate philosophy: The XFX dares to go where the opposition would similar to, additional than cannot. That's for the reason that, at XFX, we do not immediately generate enormous digital video components we build the entire out, mind-blowing, presentation crushing, competition-obliterating video cards and motherboards. And not merely are they amazing.

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    Re: XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

    It comes determine to the entire Japanese capacitors and low-profile solid caps at the CPU power regulation circuit. The IP35-E uses the similar PWM RT8802A IC as the top-of-the-line IP35 Pro. There was no energetic or ringing from the board's power circuit during Orthos and S&M's test conference. Blue board by means of blue southbridge, northbridge, and MOSFET passive heat sinks. RAM slots are color-coded (white/black) for dual channel procedure. Plenty of permission approximately CPU area, even though I had to trim 1/4" from the Big Typhoon's top bracket to clear the northbridge heat sink.

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    Re: XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

    There is a molex plug to create obtainable complementary juice to the video card. Generate certain that the proper 12V rail is associated to this molex plug to keep away from overloading a 12V in a multi-rail PSU. The 24 pin power plug is positioned at the middle front of the board, immediately on top of the PATA connector. The floppy connector is situated at the bottom front, next to the front panel header (by means of speaker output). There are 4 USB jacks at the back, plus four USB 2.0 port headers to the left of the front panel header for a total of 12 potential USB ports. The 8-pin/4-pin power plug is situated currently on top of the MOSFET heat sink. Make use of the lower 4-pin plug if the PSU lacks an 8-pin plug. Starting from the bottom rear, we have encompassed three PCI slots, one PCIE x1 slot, one open slot to make available clearance for a larger PCIE graphic card, one PCIE x 16 slot, and one PCIE x1 slot.

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    Re: XFX 650i ultra or ABit IP35-E

    Abit contains an S/PDIF output and a rear panel visual out. Audio is 7.1 channel HD audio by Realtek. This board employs a solitary Gigabit LAN port using the Marvell 88E8056 PCI Express chip, which be supposed to yield a insignificant development in throughput speed vs the IP35 Pro. The big brother Abit IP35 Pro's Gigabit LAN is associated thru the PCI bus, not PCIE! As a consequence, the maximum throughput determines to almost certainly be lowered by about 35% by means of higher CPU load. This be supposed to not affect real-world performance for the reason that the bottleneck is tranquil the 50MB/s write speed of the HDD. USB 2.0 performance is on par by means of the best boards; 31.7MB/s continuous write throughput (via external USB hard drive).

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