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Thread: Motherboard compatability questions.

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    Motherboard compatability questions.

    I have an IBM Thinkpad R52 (type 1847-92u) with a 1.8 ghz intel centrino procesor.
    Ok, i have a few other laptops that have verious problems, and want to know if any of thoes processors will drop into this motherboard.

    Pentium 4 from a HP Pravillion zx5200 (i think), 2.8 ghz.
    intell Ceneron duel core 2.0 ghz, from a toshiba l305d

    I also have several amd processors, but i am sure that they need a different type of motherboard.

    thanks for any info yall can give me.
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    Re: Motherboard compatability questions.

    The issue with the branded system is that there hardware is specifically designed for their model only. I was having a Thinkpad laptop who motherboard model was hard to find. I use CPUZ to find out the exact model number of my laptop. A motherboard which supports Centrino can also run Pentium 4 or similar CPU. I am not sure about the Dual core but only testing the same can give you right information.

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    Re: Motherboard compatability questions.

    The processor's that can work on the IBM Thinkpad R52 category are listed below:

    Intel Mobile Pentium M 730, 740, 750, 760, 770
    Intel Celeron M 350, 360, 370

    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology

    L2 cache memory:
    Intel Mobile Pentium M - 2 MB of L2 cache memory
    Intel Celeron M - 1MB of L2 cache memory

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