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Thread: Difference between nVidia’s 320m and 9400m

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    Difference between nVidia’s 320m and 9400m

    I want to purchase a new Apple’s Macbook. But I am really confused between two graphic card. I have two options in front of me with Nvidia 320m and Nvidia 9400m. But I cannot able to decide between them. I want to know what are the difference between in this graphic cards. Can anyone help me to tell about graphic cards. I want one that can offer me good output on dual display. I am going to attach a gaming monitor on the macbook. I hope the gpu that I had mentioned anyone one among them can manage the display quality.

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    If we talk about GT 320M then this one characterizes 24 stream processors. That is quiet good to get a bit better output in video playback. Both the gpu is good. You have to just find the release date and on that basis select the latest one. Do not go for a old model that will not offer you a reasonable quality. In Mac you have to worry less about the quality graphic output. Most of the systems are optimized to work well with all type of video format. But if you go with mac then you wont get much in gaming.

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    As far as I know 320M is very much similar to 9600M GT. And I have this in my old Macbook pro. I found the output slight slower. So here if we take the above one then your are having a gpu with average output. you can try 330M which is around 2 times faster than the 320M. You will get more better output on the same. I will recommend you to choose the model which is latest. It is not very hard to find when it comes to Mac. There are limited model. And if any new version is pending to come out then you can wait for that.

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