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Thread: CMOS date keeps changing

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    CMOS date keeps changing

    Hello friends,

    I need your help to sort out my dell system issue. I am using windows 7 over this Dell system. From few days I am getting some issues with it's date. Whenever I start my system then date on the three year old. So every time I need to set the proper timing. I am not able to find out the way to resolve this CMOS issue. I wonder if you are able to help me over this issue. I will appreciate your any help.

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    Re: CMOS date keeps changing

    I think the CMOs of your computer system is not working properly. SO I suggest you to replace this with new one. Mostly this type of issue is often happens whenever the life of CMOS is over. I suggest you to contact the nearest service center and replace this CMOS and then see if you still having same issue or not.

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    Re: CMOS date keeps changing

    I don't think this problem is occurring due to CMOS problem. According to me CMOS issue causes difference in the time. I think you need to properly set the date of your computer system. You also need to select the proper timing zone. Please try out this solution and hopefully it will definitely resolve your date problem.

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    Re: CMOS date keeps changing

    As per your query it seems that your computer system may comprises some problem and that creates problem to date. Actually I don't know the exact solution to resolve this problem. But the safest way to resolve this is to take help from the nearest service of your computer system. They will resolve all issues of your computer.

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    Re: CMOS date keeps changing

    I am also having same problem with my computer also. But only difference is that have problem is timing not in date. I always need to reset the timing. I have tried many way to resolve this problem, but still no luck in it. I also modified the date/time setting of my computer, but getting same issue. Please guide me to resolve this problem.

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    Re: CMOS date keeps changing

    CMOS-related error messages could be caused due to a faulty or discharged battery. The battery can become discharged if your computer has been turned off for a very long time. To resolve CMOS-related errors, check the information that came with your computer or contact your computer manufacturer. Because your CMOS settings are specific to your computer's hardware, Microsoft cannot provide specific instructions for changing them.

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    Re: CMOS date keeps changing

    Have you tried following solution to resolve your system issue?
    • Check the data/time setting and set proper time zone.
    • Replace the CMOS of your system.
    • Contact service center of your computer.

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