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Thread: Asus Boot Device Selection Menu

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    Asus Boot Device Selection Menu

    I need some help in accessing the boot menu of Asus Boot Device Selection. I tried restarting my system to access that but I am still not able to get into that. Is there any easy way of doing that. I had tried pressing various key combination but nothing helped me. I am quiet sure there can be some way of doing the same. I had checked in the bios boot menu but still there is nothing available. I never find things so complicated in any other bios. Has anyone able to access the boot selection of Asus board. I want to format the system and I am not able to set the dvd as default drive.

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    The most comm key to test this thing is to start with F12 and F11. Even F10 works sometime. You have to hit that continuously to access the boot selection menu. And there is another way of accessing that. You can just go in the bios to do the same. You can set a devices and use it as a bootable options. There are many other ways of windows installation that you can check on web. For bios thing you can try updating that if you are not able to locate the exact settings options. Just refer the manual you can find more details in that.

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    In many Asus board I had notice that the default button to load up the boot selection menu is F8. This is for launching Safe Mode in Windows also. So here you can try pressing the same. But if this is not working then it means your board might not be compatible with the same or there can be key issue with the bios. You have to go properly in the bios and then from there you have to apply the boot devices. There are many utility that can help you to update the bios and turn on many features.

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