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Thread: EMachines W5243 Not working

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    EMachines W5243 Not working

    I got a EMachines W5243 system from my client to repair. The issue is that the system is not turning on at all. I had checked the system properly but nothing happens when the front button is pressed. The fan neither moves nor the bip sound comes out in it. What should I first check here to make the system run properly. Does any one knows about this model

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    Re: EMachines W5243 Not working

    First thing you must check on that the computer is getting a proper power supply. For this connect a monitor and turn all the system on. You can see a green light blinking on the monitor. That shows the monitor is getting power. Now press the power button again. If it does not turn on then change the power cord of the system and check back again.

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    Re: EMachines W5243 Not working

    The system gets power from the PSU connected at the back panel. You can open the case and see that. See that your power supply is functioning. Remove the cable of the PSU and fit them tightly again. If this does not work then you will have to add a new PSU to check that the power supply is working or not. Better change it and check back again.

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    Re: EMachines W5243 Not working

    You must get a boot bip on the startup. If there is no bip then the first two things which came in mind is first dead power supply unit or a dead motherboard. Here you will need tp create a check list to find out the exact cause of pc. First change PSU, then RAM and then if needed you will have to even change the processor of the motherboard.

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    Re: EMachines W5243 Not working

    I think your motherboard is dead. Many time the system does not boots up at all if the motherboard is dead. You will need to show the motherboard to the nearest service center to figure out the exact cause of problem. The model number which you had mentioned has NVIDIA GeForce 6100 no it. You will need to find out the issue on this board.

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    Re: EMachines W5243 Not working

    Check the connection properly and then change the hardware. If you can a manage a working system similar to this then this job becomes much easier for your. While turning it on you can see a small green light on the board. Does that is visible. If yes then you have to check the processor. Touch and see weather it is heating or not. If yes then the processor is dead.

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