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Thread: Fixing bios after virus issue

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    Fixing bios after virus issue

    I have a windows computer. I had added some RAM in the computer. But that was not showing up. So changed the same. In this due course of time I had made lots of changes in the bios. Now I want to optimize that back again properly. How to do that. What are the default setting that are needed to kept back again in case of systems work properly. How to Fix bios after virus issue.

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    Re: Fixing bios after virus issue

    You can make some uncomplicated changes to your BIOS (the initialization program of your computer that runs every time you start up) that will radically increase the speed of your system. To enter your BIOS, press the elected or selected key during the power-on self-test. If your computer does not come into view to have a power-on self-test, and as an alternative you have a splash screen with the name of the system builder, check the computer's manual for information in sequence on how to enter the BIOS (or, worst case, you could always call the manufacturer). in this way you can Fix bios after virus issue.

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    Re: Fixing bios after virus issue

    just press F6, everything shud be fine.

    or select load fail safe defaults...
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    Re: Fixing bios after virus issue

    Once you are in the BIOS, numerous very easy alterations can be executed to optimize your BIOS. The first thing to do is to use the Auto-Detect IDE drives utility. Once you have used the utility to remove all of your IDE hard drives, enter the standard BIOS setup menu and put out of action all of the other IDE channels. Do not worry if you have a CD-ROM or other device attached to those channels - the computer has another way of detecting those pieces of hardware separate from these settings.

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    Re: Fixing bios after virus issue

    After you have performed that easy tweak, enter the advanced BIOS setup menu and alter or change the following entries. QuickPost stands for Quick Power-on self-test. Facilitating this setting will speed up system startup. Turbo Frequency setting to some extent raises the clock speed of the computer. Prudence should be shown when using this characteristic because it is a form of overclocking. Because of this, it can be particularly dangerous to use if you already overclock your system.

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    Re: Fixing bios after virus issue

    Shadow System BIOS setting tells the computer to copy the BIOS program to main memory for faster implementation. Most people see a small increase in speed from facilitating this setting. You may also wish to flash your BIOS, which is the process of upgrading your BIOS to a newer version. To do this, first you will be required to download the newest BIOS archive from your motherboard manufacturer's website. Make sure that you download the correct version, because many manufacturers will take account of several older version of their BIOS software on the website in case someone has a need for them. Once you have downloaded the correct BIOS archive, extract the files included in the archive to a directory on the hard drive.

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    Re: Fixing bios after virus issue

    Look at the integrated readme file for unambiguous instructions as to how to use the flashing program. Once you are sure you know how to operate this program (it may be helpful to print out the readme), restart the computer and boot it up using an emergency disk. From DOS, run the flashing utility. You should see that you should not reboot the system during the flashing process, because doing so could damage your BIOS chip, in which case you would need to return the board to the manufacturer for repair.

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