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Thread: Vista Bluescreen Suspect Hardware

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    Vista Bluescreen Suspect Hardware

    I a computer, Acer Aspire M1640. It started to bluescreen about two weeks ago. I couldn't resolve the issue so I went through the recovery process and reinstalled windows vista and downloaded service pack 2 and installed all updates. With all this done it is still continuing to bluescreen. I have updated all drivers and as far as i can tell it's not a third party software issue. I have attached the minidump files from the three latest bluescreens. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.
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    Re: Vista Bluescreen Suspect Hardware

    You are having the Acer Aspire M1640 desktop computer and there is some problem occuring in this desktop computer system. You are getting the Blue screen after the start up of the desktop system and after that the blue screen appears and the system restarts automatically. Lat me tell you this is the problem of some hardware part installed in your desktop system. The reinstallation of the Operating system will not solve this problem. Remove all the hardware attachment from the motherboard and fix it again by cleaning the motherboard and the hardware devices properly. Make sure that you have installed the Drivers for all the hardwares present on your computer system compatible to the Windows Vista Operating System.

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