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Thread: Asrock x58 deluxe vs Asrock X58 extreme

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    Asrock x58 deluxe vs Asrock X58 extreme

    I am going two buy a new motherboard and i need advice n this two 1] ASRock X58 Extreme and ASRock X58 deluxe. Does any one know which one best. What are the advantages of ASRock X58 Extreme over ASRock X58 deluxe?

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    Re: Asrock x58 deluxe vs Asrock X58 extreme

    ASRock X58 SuperComputer motherboard comes in a vertical box of relatively small size for a flagship product. It features a convenient carry handle. ASRock includes the standard array of components like the Realtek ALC890 HD audio codec, Realtek RTL8111D, VIA VT6330 IEEE 1394a/IDE combo chipset, Intel ICH10R for SATA and RAID support on six ports, along with full support for the Core i7 processor series.

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    Re: Asrock x58 deluxe vs Asrock X58 extreme

    Asrock x58 extreme board has the X58 chip on it. This new motherboard includes several remote special features, and it supports contemporary multi-GPU standards with the maximum possible configurations: ATI crossFireX, NVIDIA 3- way SLI and Quad-SLI.The X58 chipset is the first motherboard chipset to support the LGA-1366 interface, Triple channel memory, SLI on an Intel chipset and more. ASRock X58 Extreme comes with Intel Socket 1366 Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition / Core i7 Processor Supports Intel Dynamic Speed Technology.

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    Re: Asrock x58 deluxe vs Asrock X58 extreme

    The X58 Extreme motherboard has three 3 PCI Express slots for multiple graphics cards. Triple Channel DDR3 memory technology - 6 x DDR3 DIMM slots - Supports DDR3. The main difference between this board and the X58 SuperComputer is the fact that there are three full-length slots on the board versus four on the X58 SuperComputer.

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    Re: Asrock x58 deluxe vs Asrock X58 extreme

    ASROCK X58 DELUXE : Support Intel processors socket 1366 Core i7 extreme edition; System bus with frequency up to 6400 MT/s; quickPath interconnect Intel standard ; Capacitors ASRock duraCap. ASRock Smart BIOS takes a different approach to saving changes and exiting the BIOS as compared to most motherboards.ASRock X58 Deluxe features include a two-digit Port-80 diagnostics display, power, and reset buttons all located in the lower front corner.

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