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Thread: Upgrade my Personal Desktop Computer

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    question Upgrade my Personal Desktop Computer

    Hi Frnds,

    Could anyone plz suggest me whether I can go ahead with upgradation my system as currently I have DDR1..... with WinXP 180GB HD, 512 RAM... PIV.., I like to upgrade to DDR3...... shall I upgrade or I have to buy a new system itself..... If I have to upgrade to DDR3 then how much it will cost me or If I buy a new system then how much it will cost me...... the reason for me to upgrade from DDR1 to DDR3 is to increase my RAM... as I was told by the hardware engineer that in DDR1 max upto 2GB RAM can be increased not more then that.... and Hard disk maximum 180 GB can be increased.... in DDR3there is a capacity to increase the RAM as well as Hard Disk Capacity..... So plz suggest me in this regard....


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    Re: Upgrade my Personal Desktop Computer

    You cannot upgrade the RAM memory of your desktop system from the DDR1 type to the DDR3 type. Because your motherboard will not support this RAM. The DDR3 is the latest type and version of the RAM. And your motherboard is older now. So the motherboard is not having the support for the DDR3 RAMs. You can buy the the new Motherboard which support the DDR3 RAM. This will solve the problem of the up-gradation of the desktop computer. The latest Motherboard will cost you around 4-5 thousands according to the model and the manufacturer.

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    Re: Upgrade my Personal Desktop Computer

    here's da new config for u....
    1) MSI 790gx g65 motherboard supports AMD AM3 processors
    2) @least 4 gb of RAM running @ atleast 1333 Mhz
    3) SATA 2.0 HDD, would you like to use 1TB?? 1.5TB or more??? its upto you...

    dis all means dat u need to upgrade your motherboard so dat u can utilize performance on processor or DDR3 RAM...
    AND no.1 is an example of motherborad dat u can use and dat motherboard is for AMD Processors.....

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