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Thread: Biostar TPower i55 vs Asus Deluxe P7P55D

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    Biostar TPower i55 vs Asus Deluxe P7P55D

    am looking to upgrade my computer with new motherboard , processor and ram for that i have decided to go with intel core i5 but looking for good motherboard so i choose this two Biostar TPower i55 and Asus Deluxe P7P55D , now for sure am also looking for good gaming experience so suggest me nice option from this .

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    Re: Biostar TPower i55 vs Asus Deluxe P7P55D

    Biostar is a bit too good brand distributed wrongly. Indeed, the card manufacturer in Taiwan that are well designed and have nothing to envy the industry leaders. More reasonable than its competitors, Biostar has only 4 references based on the P55 with culminating in the TPower I55. The card has 4 DIMM slot that supports dual channel DDR3. These ports are powered by two phases. The processor is fed to him by twelve phases VRM cooled by two large radiators and interconnected to the rest of the radiators by a heatpipe. The system processor power has been called Dura-Max by the manufacturer. Like most motherboards, the CPU is powered from a single connector 8-pin ATX12V.

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    Re: Biostar TPower i55 vs Asus Deluxe P7P55D

    Asus has clearly dropped with the Intel P55 chipset with no fewer than 13 models available! Prices range from 110 euros to 200 euros for the most expensive! The P7955D-Deluxe is in the middle of these two extremes.The P55 chipset is located near the SATA ports and is cooled by a very large radiator, but fine for not interfere with insertion of graphics cards. This radiator is finished and blue lights when the card is turned. It has better support for graphics card also good for gaming

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    Re: Biostar TPower i55 vs Asus Deluxe P7P55D

    Map P7P55D-Deluxe is an Asus model rather upscale, alongside maps ATX and ATX their ROG line. It offers overall performance average compared to other cards, but it saves the picture from overclocking the memory which is quite surprising. Another point in its favor, taking hands bios is very easy. It may nevertheless regret the presence of a diagnostic LED display system. Finally its price remains high in absolute terms but still reasonable compared to other cards on the P55.

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    Re: Biostar TPower i55 vs Asus Deluxe P7P55D

    Unlike their P45 motherboard which was still very popular among overclockers, the TPower i55 is also very good at overclocking but also very powerful. Older motherboards lacked a good software overclocking / monitoring and with this card P55, Biostar has filled this gap .It may just regret the fact that memory is more difficult to overclock on this Biostar than other cards. also regret the presence of only two PCI-Express X16 and three fan connectors. also its lower price is advantageous .

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    Re: Biostar TPower i55 vs Asus Deluxe P7P55D

    Advantages of Biostar TPower i55
    • Price
    • Easy to set Bios
    • Points for measuring voltages on the PCB
    • OMG Software
    • Very good overclocking
    • Reasonable price

    Advantages of Asus Deluxe P7P55D
    • Overclocking easy for DDR3
    • Software Design TurboV Evo
    • Price + relatively interesting
    • The remote overclocking

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