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Thread: core i5 750 turbo not working ?

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    core i5 750 turbo not working ?

    I just bought i5 750 system.I can never get the processor to go into turbo boost mode.I have enabled in the motherboard bios (ECS P55H-A).But CPU-Z never shows more than 2.66 GHZ. Sometimes it even downclocks a bit to 2.640 automatically. I dont know what to do? Anyone know how I can solve this issue?

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    Re: core i5 750 turbo not working ?

    Turbo Boost is a way to automatically run the heart of faster processor than the frequency marked if the party is operating under power, temperature and current limitations of the specifications of Thermal Design Power (TDP). This results in increased application performance in both single and multi-threaded.Disable in bios 'Green Power' - 'CPU Phase Control', & see if that changes the operation of the Turbo Boost.disabled C1E turbo mode is enabled. The multiplier is locked at 21, But with turbo boost enabled it does go to 22.

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    Re: core i5 750 turbo not working ?

    Core i5-750 provide users with Turbo Boost feature, but it’s noteworthy that it’s more powerful than that of Bloomfield-based CPUs. Core i5-750 same clock speed deliver Turbo frequency of 3.2GHz .Unless manually adjusting bclk, I would leave it disabled. According to the Intel spec, your CPU is limited to a maximum of 3.46 with Turbo. Make the turbo boost off. Check for bios setting.

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    Re: core i5 750 turbo not working ?

    It will only happen when you are running applications that don't use all 4 cores. You may be using all your cores and so the turbo boost might not be kicking in.upgraded to 1.3 for my motherboard via USB MQflash option in the BIOS.turned off the electric green phase control CPU C1E disable the turbo mode is enabled. The multiplier is locked at 21, but with turbo enabled it goes to 22. If u choose Turbo Boost, no matter what . set ram speed on multitaps it ramps up to 22 reguardless of what I you get the 2.8 GHz.If the option clock basis in the journal Cell be enabled or disabled?

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