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Thread: Disable Shared Memory ATI 3850

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    Disable Shared Memory ATI 3850

    I have ASUS M3N78-EMH HDMI, with ASUS ATI EAH 3850 512MB, Athlon 64 2x 4800+ 2.5Mhz and 3GB DDR2 667.I have noticed that when playing any game.Last Remnant and SF4, the frame rate goes down during the game. My video card shared 1GB from my PC so my pc is running at 2GB and the video card runs with 1.7GB.
    So i want to know how to stop my frame rate from going down? Any suggestion?

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    Re: Disable Shared Memory ATI 3850

    Radeon 3850 video card has 512mb dedicated to onboard.tht's why you cant share video don't need more than 512mb of video memory unless you're running resolutions higher than 1900x1200. stay with fast GDDR3 memory physically on the card and not cannibalizing your system's DDR2 memory will keep things running smoothly. Check for Bios setting,BIOS shared video memory settings only apply to the integrated video port, not standalone cards.

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    Re: Disable Shared Memory ATI 3850

    You need to disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS and you may find that there is an option in that same section to stop the graphics sharing.that's why framerates are slowing down when it's loading new zones from disk or CD. With online games that happens when your connection to the server slows down due to other traffic. Not much you can do about that."If it's somehow doing so via Hypermemory or something, disable that feature and performance should improve.

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    Re: Disable Shared Memory ATI 3850

    Check with the card It has any shared memory.The dedicated memory is main cause shared memory is Slow and any of the new games need as much memory as they can not get.Tht's why sharing it with video is bad.Install the regualr desktop drivers. All the driver has gateway that make slow drivers, Check for system sharing memory. Shared memory is a setting of the bios and the video card bios ther eis nothing that a driver can do to increase the amount of memory.

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