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Thread: CPU frequency underclocked ?

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    CPU frequency underclocked ?

    After some hardware changes in my dell desktop (windows xp), it is not working properly. Windows is too slow, CPU does run at 2.2 ghz. Does this issue related with Underclocking? If yes then what is the solution?

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    Re: CPU frequency underclocked ?

    Underclocking is very common on laptop computers, In laptops, the processor is usually "underclocked" automatically whenever the computer is operating on batteries. Intel has also used this method on their Core 2 Duo processors, through a feature called SpeedStep.Intel SpeedStep Technology allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency.

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    Re: CPU frequency underclocked ?

    Your system's slowness may be related to a lot of things like Registry, Running programs, application which always run in background. To solve the problem open the task manager and close all the program which are using CPU and memory process( if it is not a system critical program). Another way is to scan with anti virus and anti spyware.

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    Re: CPU frequency underclocked ?

    Use CPU-Z, it allows you to get some info on your computer, Core stepping and process, Processor current core voltage. It will help you to determine the problem with CPU. Or you try a basic speed-up technique is to remove unused programs from startup. Type 'msconfig' into start > run, and uncheck some unused programs from the startup tab.

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