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Thread: What is FSB ???

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    What is FSB ???

    I am always get confused with the FSB. What it is and what is related.
    Is it about processor speed .Can we increase the processor speed buy using FSB . Is it combination of ram and processor ?? what should we look for this ??

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    Re: What is FSB ???

    FSB stands for Front Side Bus. The FSB connects the computer's processor to the RAM and other components on the motherboard. It is actually like processor an also increase the system speed.if you change the Fsb speed that help to incresse the system speed .But it can be done under knowledgeable person . Because if you are not done properly it damage your system . So be careful when u r doing this..

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    Re: What is FSB ???

    FSB (Front Side Bus).It is connected to the processor , ram and other components.These components include the system chip set ,PCI devices,AGP card, other peripherals. FSB is the main path from the processor to the rest of the motherboard . It helps to increase speed of processor . You get the FSB setting in BIOS. But it can be done Under supervision of Expert . wrongly configured setting can damage system.
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    Re: What is FSB ???

    If your planning on messing with the FSB its a good idea to understand what your motherboard and CPU will support... for instance like with my system, my motherboard will support a 400 FSB, but my CPU (AMD athlon XP 2400+) will only run at 266... so if you want to take full advantage of your set up make sure that your CPU can run at the maximum FSB your motherboard will support or vise versa... Memory is also a factor... for instance my memory DDR400 PC3200 is the max my motherboard will support... but is backward compatible... so I could be running at a slower speed like DDR333 but I would not be taking full advantage of the motherboards limitations... all these bus speeds work together and all have different limitations so check your CPU, motherboard, and memory specs to see if you are taking full advantage of your setup... most likely if your computer was pre-built they have already done this for you, (at least I would hope...)

    any who... I've found a great guy online dubbed Professor messer.... he has a number of video's in his free A+ training course, which includes a number of videos on CPU's, Motherboards, Memory, etc... which explains FSB and many of the Slots, like AGP, PCI, and some you may have never even heard of... so if your looking to learn more about these things... GOOGLE "professor messer" and check it out...tons of good information on the IT profession... and its free...
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