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Thread: Pc Starts Automatically

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    Pc Starts Automatically

    my pc gonna crazy, when i push my ups power button it starts automatically without pressing power button. I have been done following things to solve this problem.
    - changed SMPS, Power button, UPS also.
    -checked power supply.
    -checked ram & virus infection on HDD.
    -checked HDD's bad sectors.

    plz try to solve my problem as early as possible.
    thanx in advance.

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    Re: Pc Starts Automatically

    Hello & Welcome to TechArena Community!

    Firstly I would like to ask you that all the things you have done are quite OK.

    According to my knowledge I would have checked the CMOS battery. May be your machine new CMOS battery.
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    idea Re: Pc Starts Automatically

    Easy kale_hemant. There is nothing wrong with your power supply or your system.

    The fact is somehow you have enabled Restore on ac power loss feature from your bios setting.

    You can fix it by entering into the bios menu. I hope you know how to enter in bios. Do you??

    Ok! as for mine it is f2 button If it does not then try Del or enter button.

    Press the button when your cpu fan start working and keep pressing untill you reach bios menu.
    Once you reach there go to Power section There you will find a option-

    Restore on AC power loss

    Set that to off.

    Then under Exit/Quit menu chose Save settings and Exit

    After that your pc will reboot automatically.

    Now turn off your pc and ups then switch on ups your pc will not start automatically!

    Once done you will find your Pc is just fine

    Good luck

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    Re: Pc Starts Automatically

    Dear Deb 2009,
    How could i enter in the BIOS SETUP because when pc starts after that, there is no power comes in the keyboad & monitor doesn't show any screen.
    I was tried by pressing the setup promt key but it doesn't working.

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    Re: Pc Starts Automatically

    Hey dude i think there is something problem in your Hard disk boot sector part

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    ohmy Re: Pc Starts Automatically

    Thats strange So what happens when you power on your ups?

    I mean what does happens.

    After powering ups notice carefully

    1. The cpu fan is working
    2. The green power power led is lit
    3. The red hdd led is blinking.
    4. Notice if any beep is made- single beep for once(Thats mean memory is ok), Continuous single beep(Your ram is damaged or no ram Installed) and continuous beep means board is overheating due to processor or wrong power solution.

    Check your SMPS wattage and make sure all parts of motherboard is connected with proper voltages and connectors.

    Rply noticing above mentioned

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