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Thread: Computer hangs and makes continuous beep

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    Computer hangs and makes continuous beep

    I'm having a custom built PC with a Gigabyte GA-8IGX Motherboard, Intel P4 2.4GHz 533 MHz FSB processor, 512 MB of DDR PC2100 memory, 400W power supply, and an AIW Radeon 8500 DV video card. The problem is that when i restart my computer after having been powered down for a while let say for an hour it get hang up with a continuous beep sound. Nothing has changed on my system for a long while, and the only other problem I know of is a hard drive with having some bad sectors on it. So can any body tell me that why does my computer hangs and makes continuous beep? Does any body knows about it? Kindly provide me the correct solution to get rid of the above issue.

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    Re: Computer hangs and makes continuous beep

    According to me it seems to be the problem with overheating of the CPU. For that you need to check out your temps. It might also be the problem with your Ram. Usually a beep sound indicates a problem with your ram.

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    Re: Computer hangs and makes continuous beep

    If the beeps occur only when gaming or stressing your system, it's most likely a heat related issue. The "beeping sound" is your motherboard telling you something is dreadfully wrong. It's probably exceeding some threshold temperature set in the BIOS. Monitor your systems temps (primarily the CPU), and see how high it gets when gaming.

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    Re: Computer hangs and makes continuous beep

    That sounds like either a fan fail warning (could be the CPU fan or just a system fan you have hooked up to the motherboard if you have those alarms enabled) or a CPU overheat warning. Open up the case (if you are handy with hardware) and make sure all of the fans are running and get a CPU temperature monitoring (and logging) tool to ensure you're not overheating.

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