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Thread: Upgrade memory sony vaio

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    Upgrade memory sony vaio

    i am having Sony VAIO GRV680 Pentium 4 2.6 GHz with 512 MB RAM now i am feeling much slow speed for my vaio so looking for increasing ram so please tell me how can i upgrade memory ram in sony vaio ?
    thank you

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    Re: Upgrade memory sony vaio

    if it is running on dual channel you can keep 512mb in on slot and buy a new ram module for you.There is a panel with 2 screws inside. On this panel you can see picture of ram remove this 2 screws and remove panel now you can see the 2 DIMM slots one will be occupied and another is empty place new one there the second one.

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    Re: Upgrade memory sony vaio

    • See at down side of laptop and remove the six screws that will open it up
    • Turn the laptop up side and open it now you can move keyboard .
    • Lift the metal cover so you can see the memory slot.
    • install the memory:

      • Determine the off set notch edge of the memory using connection and place memory
      • Insert the contact side in memory slot.
      • push down until the two latches fix up the memory

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    Re: Upgrade memory sony vaio

    Check your system standard RAM and its frequency and decide which one to get for your laptop you can replace old one or you can keeep it with new one its depend on you for more details check here How to Upgrade your Notebook Memory

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