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Thread: Motherboard Battery Dead Symptoms

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    Motherboard Battery Dead Symptoms

    I am having a computer installed windows Vista on it.... I am facing the error with it my computer & somebody told me to check for the computer CMOS Battery is Dead..... But i don't know what are the symptoms of the Dead CMOS Battery???? Please Help...!

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    Re: Motherboard Battery Dead Symptoms

    Symptoms :
    1. It reviews its clock time. If the battery dies, its clock time will not remain exact. The clock will show to a lag time of anyone of minutes or hours.
    2. You can look for dead battery warnings. When the PC is taken, the computer verifies the state of the battery. If the battery goes away dead, will appear a message of error in the part inferior of the screen.

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    Re: Motherboard Battery Dead Symptoms

    Battery CMOS only conserves the configuration after shutting down the machine is not going to cause if you take out the battery. Try Execute Memtest and to see what leaves.

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    Re: Motherboard Battery Dead Symptoms

    The present one demands RTC/NVRAM Chips minutes by comparison, nevertheless, generally around 500 nanometer, equivalent to a load of 600 megahertz. This is much greater than the resistance of a very sensible voltmeter, the result even is that the measure prevails a greater load than has the component of the cell powers.

    Attempt to take the PC. Finally, the PC no longer can start due to the dead battery. In this point, you must buy a replacement or the machine to a repair shop of equipment and have a professional to replace the battery.

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