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Thread: Upgrading msi k8t neo

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    Upgrading msi k8t neo

    Hello all,

    I do have an msi k8t neo motherboard on my athlon xp 64 2800 computer with 1gb (2 x 512MB) ddr-sdr un buffered ram.I would like to upgrade the computer so which will be the fastest cpu i can upgrade that can go ahead with my motherboard.Also what could be the max ram i can install? .Can some one suggest me the best & most cost efficient options?.Guys please help me out in this regards

    feedback's greatly appreciated...

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    Re: Upgrading msi k8t neo

    The board supports three single sided 184-pin DDR SDRAMs up to 2GB memory size each..Because of the socket 754 is not widely available any longer. You will find it hard to get cheap upgrade cpu's and the little soar in speed you might get will not be cost effective. This is my point of view, but you better concentrate on new motherboard, cpu, video card, and DDR2 memory.also think about the drive and cases . Depending on which video card you get, your power supply might need to be upgraded too.

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    Re: Upgrading msi k8t neo

    I can see that this might not be much help but all of the BIOS's above 2.0 only add Semperon support. Many guys had problems upgrading above 1.9.Are your expectations for the new card vehemently effected or just not what you had expected? You could always look out bench marks against others with same systems to see where you fit in.You could always overclock the cpu and memory to get an increase in performance for free.

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