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Thread: What Does ACPI x86 Based PC Mean

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    What Does ACPI x86 Based PC Mean

    Hello , When i Check my into Device manager and also in windows xp manager , it shows that My computer is an ACPI x86-based PC. so can you tell me what does it mean by x86 based computer,I have windows Vista 64 bit installed in my computer , please Help me thanks in advance

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    Re: What Does ACPI x86 Based PC Mean

    Definition of ACPI, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. This is a standard computer that enables the programming of the component of the computer , The ACPI allows control of power management by the operating system. The previous industry standard, Advanced Power Management (APM) is controlled in the BIOS. The APM is enabled when the system does nothing. Plus the system is idle, it uses less power (eg a screen saver, standby and suspend mode). With APM, the operating system does not know when to change the computer status.

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    Re: What Does ACPI x86 Based PC Mean

    ACPI can typically be configured from the operating system. It's not like the NPA or configuration often requires restart and go through the configuration interface for BIOS settings. , The design of the x86 range has focused on backward compatibility. Thus, successive generations of processors allow multiple operating modes, which differ especially in terms of access to memory. x86 is the name of the family of microprocessors compatible with the instruction set of the Intel 8086. The various manufacturers of microprocessors for PCs must maintain backward compatibility so that older software work on new microprocessors. The architecture of the x86 series from the Pentium was named IA-32 by Intel.

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    Re: What Does ACPI x86 Based PC Mean

    The most important point of this specification is that the operating system has responsibility of power management of the components of the computer as it is an important in development compared to previous standards such as NPP where BIOS was responsible for power management. Another important element is that the optimized management of power supply (always crucial for the autonomy of laptops) is now a standard that is implemented in other hardware (to server) also to optimize their power consumption according to load.

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    Re: What Does ACPI x86 Based PC Mean

    ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is an open industry specification co-developed by Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Phoenix, and Toshiba. ACPI establishes industry-standard interfaces enabling OS-directed configuration, power management, and thermal management of mobile, desktop, and server platforms. The specification enables new power management technologies to evolve independently in operating systems and hardware while ensuring that they continue to work together.

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    Re: What Does ACPI x86 Based PC Mean

    x86-based computer usually means that the computer has the x86 instruction set.

    x86-64/x64 is an extension for 64-bit programs and OSes that makes it possible to use more than 4 GiB of RAM

    however thare's also IA-64, which is limited to Intel's line of Itanium processors, in desktop Intels with 64-bit, it's called EM64T

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