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Thread: RAM memory 667mhz vs 800mhz

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    RAM memory 667mhz vs 800mhz

    Hello guys,
    I'm about to purchase new DRR2 RAM, i'll buy 2gb RAM. I want to know what is the difference between 667Mhz RAM and 800 Mhz RAM, only speed? And is there much speed gap? price difference? What you prefer? and which is better that can be on my PC for longer period of time. I need your suggestions. Thanks for any.

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    Re: RAM memory 667mhz vs 800mhz

    Below is the performance test of the game Half-Life 2. Now yourself you can see the difference between 667Mhz, 800Mhz, 533Mhz, and 1067Mhz. As for chice between 800Mhz and 667Mhz i'll suggest you to go for 800Mhz. I think there s no price difference between them, if there is then it should be really too less.

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    Re: RAM memory 667mhz vs 800mhz

    Obviously 800mhz RAM is faster than 667mhz, but the difference is negligable, and i don't think so there is any other difference between them. myself i'm having 667Mhz DDR2, and it works really nice witout any issue from near about last 1 year. And if you want it for game purpose then go for 800Mhz and with this you'll need good graphics card also. And one more thing for overclocking purpose also go for the 800 MHz RAM, or for more higher like 1067Mhz RAM. The Intel chips are overclocking 400 FSB+, so DDR2 800 RAM is needed. I don't think the price difference is huge.

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    Re: RAM memory 667mhz vs 800mhz

    Yeah there is no difference between the speeds really and the prices are too similar so go for ddr2 800Mhz only. The little bit of processor power won't make that much difference, but I guess every little bit helps. As far as the Cache, that's mainly only noticeable in benchmarks. Other then that, you won't see the difference. Also, to run in dual channel mode (on most boards) you have to install memory in pairs. Actually, running at DDR2-800 does improve performance somewhat. Refer to this similar topic for more info : Difference between 667 and 800MHz ram

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