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Thread: Asus sli connector

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    Asus sli connector

    I have Asus-A8N-SLI SE after graphics card upgradation i realize that upgrading but i dont have SLI connector so i search around but i dont found any thing can any one tell me where can I get an SLI connector?
    thank you.

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    Re: Asus sli connector

    its hard to find sli connector as they normally come with the motherboard so just contact to asus ..check the space between the ports as some motherboard are with variable amount of space so proper slot difference is important

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    Re: Asus sli connector

    i have 12 sli connector sed me PM if you want

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    Re: Asus sli connector

    It is important that you should check bridge as that can be wrong one... I also have that problem with ASUS , and few ppl have the similar configure so did not found option now i have made complain to asus and they going to provide new part..

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