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Thread: DDR1 vs DDR3

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    DDR1 vs DDR3

    hi ,
    i am about to get new pc for me but i want to know the important difference with DDR1 and DDR3 because the graphics card i am going to select is available with ddr1 and ddr3 .also tell me the basic difference for ram also.
    thank you.

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    Re: DDR1 vs DDR3

    DDR stands for Double Data Rate, and it describes the memory technology used by these cards.for me there was two versions of the 6800 wrer available with DDR1 memory and one with DDR3 memory called 6800 Ultra. so i choose with DDR1 as i want to go for overclock with the the basic 6800.

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    Re: DDR1 vs DDR3

    with some more cost DDR3 performs better than DDR1 as new motherbord manufacture by keeping new aspect in mind so ddr3 has better support to perform better.make sure first your need for cards including budget and then go to buy it.

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    Re: DDR1 vs DDR3 vs ddr4

    I think you avoiding ddr4 is that case or you dont know well the last release card of the Nvidia 8800gtx/ultra/gts 512mb which uses DDR3/DDR4 my suggestion is DDR4, it is the best but you have to keep mind your graphical needs as it is not always better video card than a DDR3 card as performance is not decided alone by the RAM.also cost is high with ddr4 support.

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    Re: DDR1 vs DDR3

    Voltage specification for ram is DDR2 which is 1.8V and for DDR3 it is 1.5V. so nothing but ddr 3 required less power also ddr3 is cheap than ddr1 and ddr2 so my suggestion is ddr3

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