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Thread: how does ram works?

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    how does ram works?

    hello every one i'm bit confused about this topic if we are having a ram which transfers the data at 5,200 MB/S how are those 5200 mb/s transfered through the memory clock,how we can relate between the memory clock cycles the ram transfers the data through electric signals of clock cycles/s not MB/s....expecting answers from veteran

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    Re: how does ram works?

    RAM(random access memory) is the memory that the computer uses to store the data it is presently running. ram can access data from any part of it's physical location at same time. but this is not same for hard disc it needs time to get data according the physical location it stored in hard drive When you install programs, they are located on the hard disk, which can typically store tens or of Gigabytes

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    Re: how does ram works?

    if you want to know the clock cycle and s timings you need a better understanding its basic level..i mean should be aware of flip flop and latches.then you will understand yourself answers for your query ..i suggest this website

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