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Thread: How to change the Blown capacitor on the mobo

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    How to change the Blown capacitor on the mobo

    My cousin was having an issue on the motherboard & was solving that but while solving the issue i came across 2 blown capacitors in it. Now the computer is working perfectly but i am worried that how long it will last.

    So my question is there any way to change the capacitor on it..??


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    Re: How to change the Blown capacitor on the mobo

    OK! How did you recognized that both the capacitors are blown ??

    Here is how you can find it??

    The top of the capacitor will be pouch upwards, and sometimes even leaking. Any chips that burn are usually ICs, which are too delicate to replace without expensive robotics that will do the soldering.

    You can really do the replacement. I've done it before, you just look up the specific capacitors, order new ones (I use this Link), desolder the old and resolder in the new. I also use desoldering wicks to pull up the solder from the old component. If you'd still like more information, despite my advice against this route, I'd be glad to help.

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    Re: How to change the Blown capacitor on the mobo

    Dead motherboards are a fact of life in the “white box” computing market, but lately the failure rates of certain boards have been climbing to levels above the statistical norms. The faults, however, lie not in our stars, but in our capacitors–or more succinctly, in the stolen formula for the electrolyte inside the cylindrical devices.

    The story behind this has all the makings of a conspiracy theory Hollywood movie. As reported in IEEE Spectrum Online, apparently a scientist stole an electrolyte formula from his employer in Japan and left the company. Shortly after wards, this scientist took up with a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer and used the formula there, then went on to sell the formula to other firms. The problem was, the formula was wrong.

    Missing were a few crucial elements in the chemical concoction that made up the electrolyte inside the capacitor. Without these additives, according to Dennis Zogbi of Passive Component Industry magazine, the capacitor will emit hydrogen gas and burst after a short operational lifetime. Burst capacitors will leak electrolyte onto the motherboard, creating all sorts of electrical and chemical havoc.

    Thus far, only Abit has come forward and stated that its capacitors have been faulty, although it is widely believed that many other motherboard manufacturers have purchased capacitors from the same component manufacturers as Abit. IBM admitted to using some of the Abit motherboards in its PCs.

    IEEE Spectrum has some great detail on this story. Corporate scandals, boycotts, and government cover-ups can all be found within. You can also check out the ChipGeek coverage from yesterday.

    I've had the displeasure of owning one of the Abit boards with a burst capacitor, although it had given good service over its somewhat abbreviated lifetime. Apparently this problem stretches way back to even 2001, when Gary Headlee first started noticing an influx of boards with failed capacitors. Gary runs a motherboard repair service, and one of the services he offers is replacement of failed caps. Gary noted a large number of Abit boards, all with burst caps. Many tried in vain to get Abit to acknowledge the problem, and Abit did so only after a very concerted effort on the part of consumers. Gary did have more info on other motherboard brand failures, but lawyers from the various firms descended upon him and forced removal of his information.

    As competition has become more fierce in these economic doldrums, motherboard makers have searched high and low for ways to trim pennies here and there. This bargain-bin strategy has finally backfired in a big way with this capacitor incident. Even respected firms have been caught, so brand name doesn't automatically immunize you against this type of failure.

    Taken as a whole, though, this could be a good thing in the long run. Nobody wants to be known as the motherboard vendor that uses shoddy components. You can bet that Abit and the rest are putting a great deal more emphasis into component quality control than they have in the past.

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    Re: How to change the Blown capacitor on the mobo

    It is quite likely that the leaking caps have done other damage. Try washing it in a light vineger solution. There were a number of caps made with the wrong formula. These tended to leak in a short amount of time. The story
    was interesting in that the formula for the electrolyte was stollen from one company and used by a couple others. The only problem was that it was a bad formula. These caps ended up on a number of mother boards in about the time range your board was made. It cause quite a shakeup since it was obvious that the formula was stollen. No one would have intentionally made the bad formula and then used it for their own manufacture without testing it. As stolen, they assumed it must be good.

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    Re: How to change the Blown capacitor on the mobo

    First check to see if your PC is still under warranty, if so get it replaced under warranty. If your PC is a couple of years old and not covered under warranty you will have to replace the mainboard (if you can find a similar one). You should also verify that the CPU, memory and other components from your are working properly. You may have to upgrade your system or get a new PC if a replacement mainboard cannot be found.

    Symtoms of blown capacitors..!

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