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Thread: Error Message "Warning! Your chassis has been opened"

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    Error Message "Warning! Your chassis has been opened"

    Hi Everyone!

    I have a acer aspire m1201 and it gives me this error message: chassis has been opened press f1 to continue.

    Can anyone help with it??

    Please Help...!

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    Re: Error Message "Warning! Your chassis has been opened"

    You may just have to reset the CMOS, but I'm sure there's gotta be a setting in the bios, dig deep or better yet, go to the Acer tech support site first and look it up for your model/serial #.


    In the bios, there is an option to disable open case alert. And it will ignore its open and run normally. What mobo and bios version do you have?


    Do you have the manual for your motherboard, it shows where the settings are. If you don't you should be able to download a PDF version from manufacturer's website. I've already seen a couple online, and it refers to the as Chassis Intrustion Detection or Chassis Intrusion Notification.

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    Re: Error Message "Warning! Your chassis has been opened"

    Here is the solution. I had the same problem.

    Chassis Warning :

    "Warning your chassis has been opened. Press F1 to continue. Press Del to enter setup menu."

    Resolution :
    • Enter Bios

    • Goto Intergrated Peripherals

    • Goto Onboard I/O setup

    • Find "Chassis Opened warning"

    • Set to “Disable”

    • Press F10 to save and exit changes

    • That all there is too it.

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    Re: Error Message "Warning! Your chassis has been opened"

    TRY THIS :

    1. Unplug, remove the processor, the battery

    2. Quickly clear cmos jumpers (? Unless it wishes to say remove the cmos jumpers) at least 20 seconds while pressing the button ...

    3. Leave the state at least 30 minutes

    4. Then reinstall (the processor and battery, I presume), restart

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    Re: Error Message "Warning! Your chassis has been opened"

    I know this is an old thread, but just to save some confusion for some people who may have trouble with this:

    In the BIOS if you are unable to find the "Chassis Opened Warning" anywhere, you need to go to PC Health Status and change the "Intruder Detection" option to Reset. Then you're good to go!

    This was driving me crazy for about half an hour.

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