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Thread: Want to upgrade RAM in MacMini

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    Want to upgrade RAM in MacMini

    hi friends,

    I had purchased an Apple's MacMini a month ago. I feel that my RAM is less compared to the applications that I am using on my system. Hence, I want to upgrade RAM so as to avoid unnecessary bugs. How can I upgrade RAM on my MacMini...?

    Any ideas......

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    Re: Want to upgrade RAM in MacMini

    Yes, it is a very good idea to upgrade RAM to maintain performance.
    You can purchase DDR2 SDRAM for the Mac Mini from the Apple Store.

    But before you install that extra RAM, you would need to take a walk down to your local hardware store and grab a couple putty knives.
    I think with Mac Mini, the putty knife is now becoming part of the standard set of essential computer hardware tools..... Thanks to Mac Mini !

    Traditionally, Apple computers have easily come apart with a few screws and levers. In fact, some Apple machines, like the PowerMac G5, almost come apart entirely without tools. However, brute force, patience and a putty knife are required to crack open the Mac Mini.

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    Re: Want to upgrade RAM in MacMini

    Opening Up the Mac Mini and installing RAM

    Find a flat, clean, sturdy and dry surface that you can use for your Mac Mini's "operating table". Your kitchen table will probably work nicely. Some bad work-surface examples include: a diving board, the ball pit at Chucky Cheese, and a sauna. You should also try to reduce the chance of static shock in your surroundings by not standing on carpet, not wearing a cell phone, putting on a static wrist guard and repeatedly grounding yourself.

    If your computer is on, then shut it down. Unplug every cable that's connected to your Mac Mini and carry it over to your operating table. Then flip the Mac Mini upside down.

    Use your fingernails to slightly pry apart the top case of the Mac Mini. Using a metal putty knife will almost guarantee a few scratches that can be avoided simply by using your fingernails. If you have a friend helping, have them try to insert either a putty knife or flat-headed screwdriver into the gap created by the fingernails(s). It's a very tight fit and will require some elbow grease and finessing. You can also try using rulers if your plastic putty knife isn't thick enough.

    Be careful not to dig the putty knife in too deep or you will tear up some of the gray foam on the inside of the case. Opening the Mac Mini is not an easy task. Turn back now if you don't feel comfortable.

    Once you have the putty knife inserted into the side, use it to carefully pry the top case apart from the rest of the Mac Mini. You may have to push back until the putty knife starts to bend.

    Don't be alarmed if your Mac Mini starts to snap, crackle and pop like a bowl of Rice Crispies. This is the sound of the plastic clips and metal rim coming loose. Also be aware that minor scratches in and around your Mac Mini will be pretty difficult to avoid [see image]. But a plastic putty knife will dramatically decrease the amount of scratches your Mac Mini will suffer during this procedure. A plastic putty knife is only about 0.80 from or your local hardware store.

    Once you have loosened the top cover, carefully slide it off.

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    Re: Want to upgrade RAM in MacMini

    After performing all the steps mentioned above, perform these steps -

    Sticking the RAM into place is the easy part. But before you touch anything inside the computer, make sure you are static free. Touch the metal cover on the inside of the Mac Mini top cover.

    If you are replacing RAM, grab the tiny metal hinges, spread them apart and gently pull out the RAM chip(s). Insert your new RAM at an angle and push it down until it snaps into place.

    Before you put the Mac Mini back together, you should power it on and test out your new RAM. The last thing you want to do is put the cover back on, find out that the RAM wasn't seated properly, and then have to take it apart again. Remember several internal components of your computer will be exposed while the top cover is removed. Please be extra cautious.

    Carefully plug in all the cables and turn it on while holding down the following keys: P, R, Option, Apple. You should hear the Macintosh startup chime. Don't let go until you hear the chime ring 3 times. This is called "zapping" the PRAM. It's a good idea to do this whenever putting new hardware inside your computer. If you forget the zap the PRAM, you computer will probably boot up and present you with a folder icon and question mark warning.

    You can also reset the PRAM buy pressing down a little black button inside the Mac Mini. It looks similar to the Airport Antenna and is in the opposite corner after the lid is removed. I usually call it a doorbell and people know what I'm talking about. If you can't find it, just use the startup key combination

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    Re: Want to upgrade RAM in MacMini

    Now select the "About This Mac" option from the Apple menu. The About screen should indicate the presence of your newly added RAM. You can click on the "More Info" button to see the status of each chip. If everything looks good, Shutdown the computer, unplug all the cables and go to the next step. If you ran into some problems, try some of the RAM troubleshooting tips.

    If the RAM is good and everything checks out, then you can put the Mac Mini back together . Shutdown the computer, unplug everything and bring it back over to the operating table.
    • Return the 4 corner screws back into place. Remember the big screw goes in the front right corner of the Mac Mini.
    • Snap the Airport antenna back into its two plastic clips
    • Don't forget to reattach the tiny plug.
    • As far as the top cover goes, I've heard people say this next step is either very easy or really hard. We just carefully lined up the cover and gently pushed it back into place all in one motion. Easy. However, I can see how putting the cover back on so the metal prongs line up is pretty tricky. If you put the cover on only to find a gap or two showing around the edge of the Mini, then you will have to pry it open and try again. It's a tight fit and will require some patience.


    That's it. Plug it in and turn it on. If you've successfully completed this tutorial, congratulations! Not only have you upgraded the RAM in your Mac Mini, but you've also probably perfected your putty knife skills!

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    Re: Want to upgrade RAM in MacMini

    Does anyone know what that TINY PLUG is? I managed to screw it up and rip one of the wires out..

    anyone know where I can get another one?


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