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Thread: Ram Installation Problems on dv6000

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    Ram Installation Problems on dv6000

    Yesterday I tried installing 1gb 5300 ram on hp dv6000 laptop. The laptop consists of two slots pre seated, it came from HP factory with minimum of 1 gb of the 5300 ram (1gb ), and I tried making it 2gb by removing one of the 1gb sticks and replacing it with a 2gb stick. After doing this i tried booting the laptop and got 3 or 4 beeps and the laptop didnot boot up, there is no display and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the problem is.

    Please provide some views regarding this

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    Re: Ram Installation Problems on dv6000

    I actually own a Pavillion dv6000. dv6165cl to be exact. If your friends is the AMD Turion 64 built within the past year. it allows 3 gig total. the one I have is 2gig max. your friends laptop may only supprt 2 like mine... i barely use it but its still a decent lappy.

    anyway, Have you updated the BIOS? I did read that the newer bios will fix the RAM issues. but make sure you have the exact Model number on the tag underneith the laptop. the "DV6000" is just a series number. there are at leat 15 or so models in that build family.

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    Re: Ram Installation Problems on dv6000

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    Re: Ram Installation Problems on dv6000

    It is recommended to purchase one module with bigger capacity than two modules with smaller capacity. For instance, if you can buy either one 1GB memory module or two 512MB memory modules for your system, it is recommended to get one 1GB and leave the other memory slot empty for future upgrade if necessary.

    Note: For systems that supports dual channel memory mode, although memory modules need to be installed in pairs to enable Dual Channel Memory Mode, we still recommended users to purchase one bigger module than two smaller modules since Dual Channel Memory Mode has only a minimal improvement in the actual system performance.

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    Re: Ram Installation Problems on dv6000

    Different sizes/speeds of memory can be used together as long as their specification are qualified by the systems. For instance, a laptop can use one 256MB and one 1GB of memory for the total of 1.25GB system memory. Mixing two different speeds of memory modules would result the system to run at the speed of the slower memory between the two modules. We recommend users to use our Memory Finder or Memory Scanner to find the correct memory for your system.

    Normal User: The system is mainly used for checking e-mails, processing word/excel file, and web surfing. Suggestion: 512MB to 1GB of system memory.

    Power User: The system is mainly used for playing computer games, editing photos/videos, running database queries, or multi-tasking environment. (Surfing web/Processing Word/Excel File/Listening to Music). Suggestion: 1GB to 2GB of system memory.

    Super User: The system is mainly used for running large number of database queries, professional editing of photos/videos, heavy multi-tasking environment. Usually a server or a workstation would be considered as Super User due to the multiple accesses from users. Suggestion: 2GB and above of system memory.

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