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Thread: Problem with Motherboard Post

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    Problem with Motherboard Post


    The computer has started acting strange from few days. Iniatially one onboard nics stop working. I then plugged it into other port. Then other one also quit.
    I reset the cmos it will post but no response. I tried even changing the date and saving but no post.

    Please help me regarding this problem

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    Re: Problem with Motherboard Post

    Have you checked the moniter is plugged in and it's in the right socket. I remember when I first turned my PC on. I put the connector thing in the wrong socket and nothing came up on the screen. The PC was on but nothing came up. I swithched the cables and the problem was sorted.

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    Re: Problem with Motherboard Post

    1- Make sure cpu is seated correctly. (just because the cooler is not falling off does not mean it is seated correctly)

    2- Check your ram pull one out and swap till you know it not them.

    3- Make sure you cpu 4 pin power connector is connected next to the cpu.

    4- Make sure you dont have any extra brass stand offs incorrectly places or missing.

    5- Make sure your video card is in the top pci-e slot.

    6- Running sata are you using the power sata quick connector or molex 4 pin.

    7- If you are running sata plug into sata1.

    8- cd and dvd drives should be plugged into correct ide channel(ie NOT the blue one).

    9- Make sure your power supply is set for 110v and NOT 220v.

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    Re: Problem with Motherboard Post

    1. CPU is good.
    2. RAM is recognized by BIOS.
    3. I had this one plugged in, but missed the EZ_PLUG.
    4. OK.
    5. OK.
    6. SATA power connectors.
    7. I'm running SATA1 & SATA2 on the nVidia SATA controller.
    8. The blue IDE channel is the recommended channel for the mobo, according to the instructions. I have two ODDs. Should I run one on each IDE channel, or run both on one channel?
    9. PSU is good.

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    Re: Problem with Motherboard Post

    Clear CMOS.
    2. Remove all ram. I then got beeps for no ram.
    3. Insert one RAM, boot.
    4. If ok, power off and insert the second.

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