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Thread: How to increase my video RAM?

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    How to increase my video RAM?

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium. I was wondering if someone could help me to increase my vram. I have nvidia Geforce 7050pv/nforce 630a [up to 512MB] graphic card. But my games don't run well with this. I hope this is possible.

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    Re: How to increase my video RAM?

    If you have a built in graphics card then odds are it shares memory with your computer. I can not give you step by step instructions as there is not enough information, but when you first turn on the computer it will say something along the lines of "press F1 to enter setup", it may be delete or F2 or some other key, just pay attention. Once you enter the bios then it will have sevral options, in one of these options will allow you to raise/lower the momory for your video card. Keep in mind the more momory you put towards the video is the less memory you will have for your computer.

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    Re: How to increase my video RAM?

    One trick to increase your ram without going out and buying more involves the virtual memory. This can be a bit confusing but the computer actually use hard disk space as ram and you can increase the amount allotted simple by going to the control panel/ performance and maintenance/ system/ click the "advanced" tab/ under performance hit the "settings" tab/ select the advanced tab/ under virtual memory hit "change"/ and u can enter a new amount to be allotted in the maximum box/ u can always change this back if u find that it doesn't speed your computer up much

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    Re: How to increase my video RAM?

    of course you can increase the allocation of your shared video memory(on board video). enter the BIOS setup and go to integrated peripherals, then to video option, and then finally go to agp aperture size. there you can set your shared video memory to 8mb, 16mn, 32, and 64mb. right at this time 64mb is the maximum allocation of video memory in an onboard video adapter. i wish motherboard manufacturers could give an option to share an onboard video ram upto 128 mb

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