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Thread: Windows reporting incorrect RAM

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    Windows reporting incorrect RAM

    I have new a ram of 4GB kingston so i plug it wit my old2gb RAM slot i should have up to 6GBs of RAM. However when i start windows it reporting 3.5GBs of RAM in it. However . setting mobo BIOS and it shows as 4GBs.

    Rearranging the RAM sticks doesnt make any change. All the RAM speeds will be set to run at PC5300 because i want to overclock please can any body tell me what is wrong ? thank you.

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    Re: Windows reporting incorrect RAM

    6Gb ram, is not supported in a 32bit OS Perhaps you should try the 64bit flavor of XP or Vista. These will support over the 4Gb ceiling that is imposed on the 32bit OS's addressing range.

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    Re: Windows reporting incorrect RAM

    32bit windows will only ever show around 3.5Gb of ram. A 64bit operating system is required to use more than that.

    As for your BIOS reporting only 4 gigs, its probably because a 6Gb setup isn't supported. Your motherboard manual should say what ram configurations are supported. with this OS can't even address the full 4Gb.

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    Re: Windows reporting incorrect RAM

    Windows splits the 4 GB of available memory address space into two separate 2 GB address spaces. One of the 2 GB address spaces is used by the Windows operating system, and the other 2 GB address space is used for user mode processes (applications).

    check here;en-us;888137

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