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Thread: RAM for a Dell XPS 720 pc

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    RAM for a Dell XPS 720 pc

    can i use any brand of RAM in a Dell pc ? i have just bought a dell xps720 with Intel core 2 duo processor and 8800gtx graphics card and 320gb hard disk, and NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI motherboard. I need the fastest ram which i can get to run on this computer without overclocking mhz and latency and where can i get it ?
    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: RAM for a Dell XPS 720 pc

    you can install any brand of RAM, it is sufficient to meet the specifications required. A priority, for an XPS 720, it is DDR2 667 Mhz (PC2 5300).The PC6400 should also work. Not much on the Dell site, you find also a Kingston memory selector. For a time, Rambus memory (the Rambus) came from Samsung.

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    Re: RAM for a Dell XPS 720 pc

    The dell xps720 supports up to 8gb of Dual-Channel DDR2* SDRAM (667MHz or 800MHz, 4 DIMMs) when a 64-bit Operating System is installed. This is basically because the normal 32bit windows architecture will only support up to 4gb of ddr,ddr2 memory. As for memory speeds the fastest memory you can run on this p.c is 800mhz(the xps 720 also supports epp memory which is used for simplified memory overclocking).

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    Re: RAM for a Dell XPS 720 pc

    I have the same computer but I would like to change the ram for DDR3, I would like to know if this is possible because dell on their website only offers the ddr2 667, if so could you advise me on the type of ram.
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    Re: RAM for a Dell XPS 720 pc

    DDR2 and DDR3 = incompatible. The only solution would be to have a motherboard that offers ddr2 slots and DDR3 slots (it does not hold together the two, but one chooses to install one or the other), but I do not think Dell I expected that. If you go on the Dell support with the serial number of your PC, you will have access to hardware.

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    Re: RAM for a Dell XPS 720 pc

    Hi, sorry for barging in without introductions. I can actually put my 2cents on this for you too. I own the XPS 720, Dell sent me the 680i upgrade. And no you can't use DDR3.

    As stated above me. You can use EPP. But what wasn't mentioned was DDR2 1066MHZ PC2 8500 RAM can be used, but it MUST be EPP. If you purchase ram which has EPP but is only rated at PC2 6400 it will only allow you to run at 800MHZ only when EPP is switched on. If not switched on it will run at 667MHZ.
    Now if you get PC2 8500 with EPP support, your ram will run at 1066MHZ when EPP is switched on. If not switched on the ram will run at 800MHZ.

    Now I will repeat myself once more, an XPS 720 is compatible with PC2 8500 DDR2 1066, with EPP support only. To make life easier, only get modules that are exactly the same and in pairs. EPP has a problem working with ram that doesn't match on this board. My advice is only get a 2GB kit if you are running on Vista 32bit. If your running a 64bit OS, than by all means get a 4GB kit.
    Do not set up a 8GB configuration on this board. This board is based in Nvidia's reference 680i. It has problems in its operation when all 4 Dimm slots are occupied, problems that can occur are BSOD's, and damaged dimm slots. 2GB can only be install per dimm slot.

    I have learned this information from my 2 years of research on this system from scattered sources, over the net.
    I would point out my sources, but recently I had to re-install my OS. And make it a 64bit system. The only way you can upgrade to a 64bit system is call Dell and have them ship you the 64bit reinstallation DVD, other than that you might have to buy a retail Vista disc and do it that way.

    You should be able to find the ram your looking for based on this information. If not PM me and I will recommend some PC2 8500 modules with EPP support that are compatible with this system based on the brand you prefer. Sorry I won't recommend any PC2 6400 modules, because I don't use them anymore, and never will. The difference in the speed in which Windows Vista loads says enough about the performance and quite frankly it isn't worth going back to, plus its too easy to find PC2 6400 modules for this system, no challenge there.

    I realize the OP is using the 650i in his XPS 720. But he/she should have the 680i laying around. Dell sent the 680i boards to us for free, because of the 650i's limitations and performance issues. I found this thread searching google, maybe someone will glance at this information and it will save them the headache for their ram upgrade.
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