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Thread: Memory Problem with ASUS P5Q

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    Memory Problem with ASUS P5Q

    hi there ......
    i have heard a lot about this site .....
    can you help me too.........
    I read somewhere that the Asus P5Q doesn't like to work with two DIMMS in the yellow slots. That's the problem I'm facing. If I use only one DIMM in a black slot, I'm OK. Does anyone know how to fix it?
    Any help is appreciated very much.............

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    Re: Memory Problem with ASUS P5Q

    I will suggest you to RMA your board with ASUS based on your problem description. If B1 and B2 work for your RAM, then i am sure A1 and A2 would also work from my experience.

    So according to my guess is that your A1 and A2 slots were not communicating with the northbridge of your board, therefore, you should consider to RMA your board. The 2nd option is to get a different pair RAM from the QVL and try it again in A1 and B2.

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    Re: Memory Problem with ASUS P5Q

    For your kind of problem ........
    i have a solution for this.......

    Try to enter into BIOS and raise the Ram core details to 1.98.
    Your pc will most probably then will be able to post.
    Then shut down your machine and installed the 2nd stick of ram in the A2 slot (2 x 2gb).

    I hope this will provide a working fine solution.

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