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Thread: motherboard p6t deluxe pcie slot?

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    motherboard p6t deluxe pcie slot?

    Hello, I plan to buy the motherboard p6t deluxe and would like to know if it has a sli 2 times 16x. In the description of the card it says 3x PCIe express mode 16x-16x-16x or 1x-8x-8x
    Thank you

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    Re: motherboard p6t deluxe pcie slot?

    Asus P6T Deluxe has just made its appearance on the canvas. Based on an Intel X58 chipset, this motherboard has a socket LGA 1366 to house the future Nehalem Core i7 processor.
    Three PCI-Express 16x, but no SLI
    With three PCI-Express 16x, the P6T Deluxe is not compatible SLI chipset NVIDIA NF200 (ensuring compatibility SLI on motherboards using Intel chipset) is restricted to models in the range ROG (Republic Of Gamers). It should, however, except surprise, be compatible CrossFire.
    The P6T Deluxe also has a port 4x PCI-Express, two PCI ports, one PATA port, connectors SATA and SAS controllers, audio 7.1, FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet (two ports are available). It should be noted the presence of six DIMM slots and a floor of food quite ...

    in the abstract you cannot put two in ATI CrossFire, but not in Nvidia SLI.
    Searching the forums can help you to find your answers more quickly

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    Re: motherboard p6t deluxe pcie slot?

    You can also make your final judgment on Asus Website for P6T Deluxe Technical Specifications.

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    Re: motherboard p6t deluxe pcie slot?

    It is simple in the bios options which says:
    PCI-E mode: 16/8/8 and 16/16/1, you put it to 16/16, so you have 2 port that will drive 16x

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    Re: motherboard p6t deluxe pcie slot?

    The P6T Deluxe is SLI compatible, but not compatible 3-way SLI!
    I believe that activating SLI 16X / 16X and putting one PCI Express 1X in the 3rd port, PCI Express 4X works only 3X or less given that the X58 has 36 PCI Express lines.
    So yes, you can.

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