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Thread: Unlocking a Motherboard

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    Unlocking a Motherboard

    I have an HP with phoenex motherboard and an Intel Pentium 4 processor but I when I come over to my motherboard, is locked? Does anyone know how to opwn it?

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    Re: Unlocking a Motherboard

    To do this you must either have a BIOS that allows it, or use a program that can do it in windows .... and it is not safe at all, but is possible.

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    Re: Unlocking a Motherboard

    either you can search for a modded / hacked BIOS for your computer through google, try searching under the HP name and model or serial number if you can find it. Else find a BIOS that supports exactly to your motherboard if it is possible.

    If you cannot, try to get clockgen or another program that can allow you to overclock from Windows, however, as Amd Athlon says it is not always possible that it works. OEM boards tend to be volatile around. 2-10 MHz over stock FSB.

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    Re: Unlocking a Motherboard

    Thanks for all your help. I tried to things but I think the motherboard is completely blocked.
    Thanks though for helping me.

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