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Thread: RAM Restriction

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    RAM Restriction

    Hi friends
    I have a acer laptop XP 64-bit installed on it .Currently I have 2GB RAM(i.e 2 1024MB sticks).I have only two RAM slots on my motherboard. Now I want to upgrade to 4GB since I want to install Vista-64bit Ultimate edition. Problem is that I checked at the acer website on my laptop manual it says laptop only supports 1024MB on single slot. My laptop can accept PC-4200, PC-5300 667 MHz DDR2 sticks. Just I want to know that if I'll installed 2GB single slot then what will happen or there is the chance of getting some what more memory.Any suggestions will be quite helpful.

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    RAM Ristriction

    Hi Floyd
    See your as your laptop manufacturer website says it won't support more than 1GB on a single slot then it can't.If you'll go for more then either your computer won't start or it will recognize 1gb only from a single slot so better is do nothing because you already have maximum RAm according to your laptop.or buy another one.

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    RAM Ristriction

    The computer wont turn on at all.If the motherboard will detect more than its limit then it will not start. If it does start you will get a BSOD and crash.

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