Intel plans to reveal details of its process of burning in 32 nanometers at the International Electron Devices Meeting 2008 (IEDM) to be held in Silicon Valley (San Francisco) mid-December.The founder of Santa Clara, which does already more than processors engraved in 45 nm have already produced chips etched into 32 nm, but has so far kept well spread to their subject, probably to protect itself from its rivals, including IBM, which claims to be able to burn chips in 22 nm.

According to preliminary information, Intel will use to burn these chips a second generation of technology High-K/Metal Gate, the first generation being used for current Penryn. He will present during the fair memory chips of 291 Mbit SRAM which house more than 1, 9 billion transistors. These chips are capable of operating at 3.80 GHz with a voltage of 1.1 volts.

Such finesse burning should allow term to produce x86 processors very energy efficient for mobile devices, chips combining processor and graphics chip but also continue to offer more powerful conventional processors.The first chips etched in 32 nm should be marketed during 2009.No date has however been advanced for a processor using this process.