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Thread: CPU Showing 100% Usage even after ram upgrade

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    CPU Showing 100% Usage even after ram upgrade

    Hi friends i was using 512mb ram,recently upgraded it to 2gb memory.but even after upgrading my pc still runs slow and my cpu usage is always at 100%.It takes more than 20 minutes to open.My motherboard supports upto 8GB memory.Also the computer runs good in safe mode,but it takes 2 hours to load and runs very slowly.

    My system configuration
    E6300 @ 1.86ghz
    Intel DG965WH motherboard
    2GB memory 800Mhz 1+1=2gb

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    open task manager and check under CPU tab which ll always be 00 and the programs which r using the ram will be more than 00 but system ll always be at 99 but nothing to worry about that since its a system idle process,check that and end that process and uninstall it or remove it from the startup,most programs causing this are anti-spyware and malware,antivirus updates,windows updates,adobe updates..clear all your temp and prefetch files and defrag your primary drive..

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    check the BIOS to make sure the your RAM's timings and voltages are set correctly or not. I have 8 gigs of OC-Z Sli-Ready RAM, and while they would set themselves up correctly on nForce boards, I needed to manually input both voltage and timings for the RAM to operate properly on my P45-based P5Q.

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    freeman0179 Guest
    did u format ur windows , probably some antivirus s/w or some virus itself is slowing ur computer, also try to load optimised default settings from bios, disable shadow caching from bios too

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    tyuivbn Guest
    You should first run your anti-virus program to scan if there is any virus, if no virus, it maybe caused by some softwares that should be uninstall from your computer that slow down your machine.

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    sa07urabh Guest
    @ Super soaker
    Tyuivbn is right you must run your anti virus first and check out is your computer is infected from any viruses or you can even try with replacing your ram

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