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Thread: Suggestion required for buying ram sticks

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    Suggestion required for buying ram sticks

    I have four slots on my motherboard for RAM and I want 4GB of RAM which I would be running on Windows Vista 64bit system. Here I am bit confused as to should I purchase 4 sticks of 1GB RAM or should I go for 2 sticks of 2GB. Let me tell you something that this is my new build and I have no idea which one would be better and why and would appreciate if somebody will help me.

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    Performance wise 4 x 1GB would be better as it might get increased but it is hardly noticeable. Whereas, cost wise 2 x 2GB is better because 2GB sticks are cheaper than 1GB.

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    Agreed to Archibald and also you can upgrade your system whenever you want but adding some more sticks to your empty slots and thus enjoy extra ram.

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