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Thread: Difference between a motherboard with chipset

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    Difference between a motherboard with chipset


    This is my doubt to hear a small difference ... What to do and I purchased a motherboard that supports AMD, and performance in the games I loved seriously. But the motherboard chipset has an integrated Nvidia Geoforce, but it appears that the video is taken directly from the RAM, which is 1 GB. But even so I could run games with the maximum graphics and wonderfully executed, such as Prince of Persia, Counter Strike. But I want to know whether this performance is not due to the integrated chipset. And if there is much difference between a card with chipset and other non NVidia chipset.

    Thank you

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    I do not really understand your question, but attempts to resolve your doubts the integrated graphics are always more limited than those external graphics cards (which they insert into a specific slot for graphics as AGP or PCI Express) since the latter are much more powerful, but All graphics, integrated or not, are controlled by the main chipset of the motherboard, you do not know if this has clarified something.

    There are very good and integrated graphics with enough video memory seems like your case and it is normal to share with the memory ram this is a resource to develop better applications

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    However ... Does a card AMD chipset with integrated NVidia, official with the same performance and speed that a card without AMD chipset video? Or has a lot to see the video chipset in its performance?

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    You must have bought a nforce chipset motherboard.

    I think they are the only official chipset manufacturers pairing AMD [b]processors{/b] with NVidia Graphics.
    The board has integrated graphics chipset which draws its VRAM requirements from the system RAM. Since you have a 1 GB ram and probably running XP, you can run the PoP series properly. But, on Vista i doubt it would run, as most of the ram would already be eaten up by Vista itself leaving nothing for the graphics chipset to use.

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