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Thread: How to improve performance of my PC

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    How to improve performance of my PC


    I have a VAIO PCV-LX910
    # USB Support: 1.x Compliant
    # Slots: 2 (2 banks of 1)
    # Standard Memory: 256MB

    that runs with a Pentium 4 HT to 3.2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, with a targeta memory nVidia GeForce 5100 128 MB of memory independent. My question is: How can I improve the performance of the computer? Addition to remove the page from your hard disk in the registry and other tricks in the performance of windows (XP).

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    * To start you can remove processes in starting system (Start-> Run -> msconfig -> Home) select those who know that you do not use such as: MSN, HP, Adobe, Quicktime, etc..

    * Also serves you defragment, to load faster some files.

    * To have a better performance processor and video card you can try a "Overclock."

    * A trick of XP would write a notepad: myString = (80000000)
    and then save it as "Ram.vbe" on the desktop, and every time you fill the memory Ram das here to empty it a bit.

    PS : To find out if a change is good for computer, it would be good to see what your mother board and whether it Laptop or desktop. Although you have this right.

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    Ram have sufficient for most applications.

    Perhaps if you could install a better graphics and that you have is low-end and little video memory.

    Why do we want to increase the performance ... notes that it is because your computer will slow or malfunctioning you some applications?

    When we noticed that a computer is not going as fast we want is not always due to lack of power, especially if our computer is powerful, normal check is a lack of maintenance of the hardware (internal pc cleaning, checking temperatures, and Ram defragmentation hard disk, etc.) or because the system is overloaded, or software errors and conflicts, corrupt or software or infections, for this last is the most effective test the computer with another operating system on another hard drive and fair manner compare applications.

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